Forever remember the NHS workers who have died during the covid-19 pandemic as - Angels of the Nation

OUT NOW. Charity Single by Kindred Spirit.

This record 'Angels' by Kindred Spirit released 4th June 2021 is in support of the Angels of the Nation Appeal with proceeds going to NHS Charities Together.

In loving memory of our dear friend Steve Brown, his friends have come together to finish one of his last projects and it's finished beautifully. You can listen via this link:

This track features:

Marcella Detroit - Vocals - Shakespears Sister

Tony Hadley - Vocals - Spandau Ballet

Jools Holland - Piano - Later...with Jools Holland on BBC Two

Glen Matlock - Bass Guitar - The Sex Pistols

Clem Burke - Drums - Blondie

Earl Slick - Electric Guitar - David Bowie

Steve Norman - Saxophone - Spandau Ballet

Josh Phillips - Hammond - Co-wrote 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme

Marion Fleetwood - Strings

Elizabeth Westwood - Backing Vocal - Westworld

Jennie Matthias - Backing Vocal - The Bellestars

Paul Mitchell - Guitars

We'd like to thank the team for their hard work and passion for this project to remember all those who lost their lives on the frontline during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

The team:

Ian Grant - Executive Producer

Elizabeth Westwood - Executive Producer

Paul Mitchell - Producer

John Etchells - Sound Engineer

Lynda Emptage

Paul Loasby

Amanda Beel

Diane Allison Young

Henriette Heimdal

Chaz Brooks.

“He was the loveliest of men, kind, generous, incredibly funny,” “He lit up a room with his humour, and always tried to help those with less than he had. He left a true legacy both professionally and personally.” Jacky Brown - Steve's loving wife.