Forever remember the NHS workers who have died during the covid-19 pandemic as - Angels of the Nation

An angel was received in memory of retired NHS volunteer Hefin and his wife Val.

An angel was presented to Nikki at Warrington Hospital in memory of her parents Hefin and Val, who tragically lost their lives within a week of each other.

Hefin although retired, still volunteered at the hospital and Val only recently retired as a carer. Nikki, who also works at the hospital paid tribute to them both;

“Thank you so much. It means a lot to our family. We are humbled to receive an angel of the nation for our parents. Dad was a very proud volunteer at WHH NHS and also very proud of his children who work for the NHS and police. Our parents cared for everyone they met, not just us, they are greatly missed by our community. This is a lovely tribute to them both. Thank you. They are both now our angels.”

We’d like to thank Warrington and Halton Training Hospitals NHS Trust for your incredible support in organising this moment for Nikki and her family.