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Angels of the Nation

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The NHS has lost at least 181 courageous souls in their frontline efforts to overcome the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic. No words can ever bring them back but as a country we are coming together to formally honour and forever remember them as - Angels of the Nation. This appeal on JustGiving is asking for your support to make and deliver angel statues to the families who have lost their loved ones.

All funds raised by this appeal go to the creation of the angels and any surplus will be donated to the NHS Charities Together.


“We owe so much to the courage and dedication of our NHS staff. Working every day, they are risking their lives to save ours. For the families and friends who have lost an NHS worker, nothing can replace their loss but these angel statues are a poignant symbol of our gratitude. We will never forget.”


Ellie Orton, Chief Executive of

NHS Charities Together

This beautiful angel sculpture was designed by artist Lucianne Lassalle. It is made of white marble resin, hand cast and hand finished in the UK. It stands 12 inches (32cm) tall and weighs 850g.

The angels are being delivered to families with the immense support of NHS trusts across the country as the appeal progresses and your support grows until we reach our target. It costs up to £140 to make and deliver each angel meaning the total needed to raise is £25,000.

An angel was presented to Thabo, who showed so much strength as he told us about his incredible wife Jo who tragically lost her life after contracting Covid-19 at work. He explained that Jo, a Nurse at Southport and Formby District General Hospital, was extremely dedicated and felt the importance of working to help people in such difficult times.


“Both my parents died when I was younger so I’ve known Jo more than anyone else in my life, we’ve been married for 34 years and she is the love of my life - my heroine. I know I’m never going to know anyone for that amount of time for the rest of my life, but I’m not worried because I know she is in heaven now and watching over me”.


NHS Registered General Nurse, Johanna Cade has been working at Guys and St Thomas' Hospital and the Nightingale Hospital in London during the Covid-19 pandemic.


"When I held the angel, I could feel all my emotions flooding back to the Nightingale, looking after these healthcare workers, some of which sadly passed away and I know it would mean the world to their families to have this angel looking over them".

Lucianne Lassalle.jpeg

Lucianne has shared her support for this appeal, saying:


"How very honoured I am that a beautiful cast of my work is to be given to each of the families. To me the sculpture is like a guardian angel with a huge compassionate heart holding the memory of these amazing people who have died whilst in service to our country".


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Buy one, gift one

After a number of enquiries asking if it is possible to buy an angel for a loved one who may not have been NHS staff but sadly passed away from Covid; we have now made this option available.

When you buy an angel to remember your loved one, you will also 

You can safely purchase an angel through PayPal for £280, which covers the cost and delivery (to the UK only) of yours and of the angel you are gifting.


Thank you for supporting this appeal.

"Great idea. Love from Jeremy."

Jeremy Vine,

BBC Radio 2 Presenter

& Donator on JustGiving


"A brilliant idea to help share the compassion and empathy we have for our NHS families during their time of loss. This touch of thoughtfulness will certainly leave heartfelt ripples of kindness."

Jonathan Hall,

Donator on JustGiving

"A wonderful way to show our lasting gratitude and remembrance to NHS workers and their families."

Fleur Anderson,

Labour MP for Putney

& Donator on JustGiving

Paul & James Gilley with the angel 1.jpg

“It is a lovely gesture and I hope that it is something which would bring comfort to their families.”

Rev Ian Inglis,

Chaplaincy Coordinator

North Eastern Sector of the

Northern Care Alliance

Paul & James Gilley with the angel 1.jpg

This appeal was created by father and son, Paul & James Gilley, who believe this gift can provide some comfort to the families and as a country, honour the memory of their loved ones.

The making of the angel

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